We at Unicom sas, in restructuring of our country houses and our properties, we use only highest quality materials, recovery of originals of materials, or produced by local artisans. Choosing only quality materials, we guarantee a solid investment to all those who decide to buy one of our rustic farmhouses Or our apartments, or stay in original refurbished residences.

During the restructuring phase of rustic farmhouses, it is of fundamental importance to preservethe original features and at the same time, build something that lasts over time with aminimum maintenance level, ensuring the best quality.

All this is possible using the hard and seasoned timber, integrating it with the most modern insulation techniques, natural stone, wrought iron … materials and techniques that, if used with the mastery of the Tuscan craftsmen, guarantee a perfect resistance to time and wear, as well as an elegant and pleasant aesthetic result.

Finishes in wood and wrought iron

Our apartments, our rustic farmhouses, have fine wood finishes high quality and wrought iron: window frames, exposed beams, up to furniture and accessories furnishing. We offer a vacation based on tradition and rural life, in a context of extreme refinement, great comfort and attention to detail.


Rustic stairs, with handrail in wrought iron, comfortable and spacious to move easily from one floor to another and live all the environments of our rustic farmhouses.

Ceilings and roofs

The ceilings with exposed wooden beams, in full rustic style, give a great touch charm and elegance to our rustic farmhouses. At the same time, looking at the upper floors of our apartments, you can admire a splendid view of the Tuscan countryside.

Chimneys and Wood burning Stoves

All rustic farmhouses are equipped with fireplaces and wood burning stoves in rustic style, responding, however, to the modern security requirements. Both in the summer season, thanks to the air conditioning and in the winter months, you can enjoy a climate suitable for you!

Floors and external materials

We also pay great attention to the floors and materials used in room’sexternal of our rustic farmhouses: from the private garden to the common areas with sunbeds, swimming pool and solarium. Every detail, for us shows care and dedication for the customers!

Contact us to request more information about the rustic farmhouses for sale and rent!

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