Our company, Unicom sas, has been specializing in the restructuring of properties for decades with a high historical, architectural and economic value, destined both forsale that to rent. In the course of our decades of activity, we haveprovided the renovation of several properties: from the ruins of the countryside to the rustic farmhouses and from the old rural residences to the most exclusive villas in Tuscany and beyond.

Among the projects we have prepared or still to implement, the most ambitious is, for sure, Borgo Le Vaglie, which combines respect for local tradition with a new idea ofreal estate investment.

The large estate of Borgo Le Vagliecan be divided into the realization of villas, luxury properties and apartments, deriving from the ancient farmhouses. Or,could be developed as a single large property with a country house,used for prestigious agricultural activities with vineyards and olive groves, horse breeding,etc..

What about the opportunity to create residences or vacations homes? So, our projects, such as Borgo Le Vaglie and many other real estate solutions, Lend themselves to various solutions and options, depending on your needs and your imagination!

Restructuring and design services

Our team, thanks to a long and consolidated experience in management and inrestoration of luxury properties and period residences, is able to offer a completedesign and renovation service. Among the activities carried out by the Unicom companysas, there is the identification of farmhouses, even ruins, subjected to changes andstructural improvements, in compliance with regulations and regional architectural regulations.

Unicom sas, therefore, helps you to realize your renovation project and/ or building construction, allowing you to create the residence, structure or complex that best reflects your requirements. Contact us to requestinformation on the renovation of buildings and on all our other services!